We are a Heavy Haul carrier located in Mt. Vernon, II. We have been doing business for the past 25 years. K&L has an extensive collection of flatbed, steps, and multi¬axle trailers. We have several combinations to create exactly what you need to deliver your load to its final destination, whether it be a beam deck or regular 13 axle trailer with capabilities up to 160,000# (Some states may vary). We have seasoned drivers, and order the correct permits in a timely manner.
Please link to our equipment gallery to see some of our equipment and capabilities. We primarily cover all North America, and Canada. We do also offer a hot shot service for those critical deadlines.
• Wheeled & Tracked
• Machinery Front End Loaders
• Dozers Excavators Cranes
• Earth Movers Shovels Press
• Brakes Presses Grinders Mills
• Wind Energy Equipment
• Cooling Towers Dehydration
• Equipment Evaporators
• Condensers Air Exchangers
• Steel Drums Concrete
• Precasts Bridge Beams
• Piping Systems Process
• Systems Transformers Domes
• Boats Planes

K& L Truck Parts & Service
8621 East Boyd Road
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

24Hr 618-967-8595

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